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Topic #50 – M.I.A. As You Expected

Wow, I made it to 50 posts. Actually there are more than 50 because I don’t count Dummy Of The Week in my topic count, but still, 50 is a nice milestone for non-DOTW topics. I took a few days off because I was out of town and as you may recall if  you’re actually enough of an idiot fan to go back and read my early writing, I told you I’d sometimes miss days, weeks, months at a time.

For the sake of my break (see what I did there) and giving you #50 between D’sOTW I’ve decided to push my DOTW till tomorrow (if I remember, or have time). So let’s talk Super Bowl, now that we’ve all had a chance to digest it and are on the verge of moving on. I’m timely like that. Let’s talk Super Bowl controversy. Let’s talk M.I.A. Wait, why is she involved in a controversy? She stuck up her middle finger in the middle of a performance? I’m not almost sure where to begin to minimize this nothing affair.

How about here: I appreciate a live performance but hey NBC, not even a 5-second tape delay? There is no controversy if NBC uses a 5-second delay and cuts to a different camera at that moment in the performance. You do remember what started the whole halftime show concern happened at a previous Super Bowl, right? Sometimes I think I couldn’t run a network because I’m not DUMB enough.

Or here: As little as the general public may know about M.I.A., they should know this – all she does is produce controversy. Just about any song she’s had that gained any fame has been a stirrer of controversy. Out of nowhere you’re going to put her on national television and not expect something a little out of the ordinary. Not surprised.

Maybe here: Has anyone seen the actual shot of her giving the middle finger? Just in case you missed it, it’s here. Do you see the background? Yes, that’s a bunch of dancers thrusting their collective pelvises skyward. If you’re a parent, are you more concerned about some no-name holding up a non-descript finger, or are you more concerned about a bunch of women very descriptively air-fucking in the middle of a song? I’d inlude the multiple shots of Madonna splitting her legs open like a pair of ancient chopsticks to show her own crotch, but some of you are probably eating.

Or just this. That guy was far more offensive than anything M.I.A. did. So, if for any reason, you are complaining about the impact M.I.A. had on the Super Bowl, You Am Dumb.


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