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Topic #49 – You’ve Been Punx’d

I want to use today to apologize to any non-American culture I’ve ever made fun of. Any tradition that you’ve brought to the U.S., placed at my feet for approval and in return received the lash of my wicked tongue (that’s right ladies), you are by all means, entitled. I…wait, no, your weird concoctions, superstitions and ways are still ridiculous and useless, I just am no longer as shocked by it as the weight of today and a long-time American cultural event smacks me dead in the face. I’m talking about Punxsutawney Phil. 

THIS is American tradition? THIS is up there with the Super Bowl, apple pie and the Dollar Menu? Every February 2nd, not only do a group of idiots get dressed up in beards and tuxedos (I’m assuming the beards are as phony as the pomp and circumstance surrounding the event), but a bunch of people show up at “Phil’s” cage to watch this overgrown furry rat be yanked out of his home…and for what purpose? To pretend that it has any bearing on anything other than the bowel movements of the groundhog is insanity. To think that Phil, who by the way is just the most recent groundhog they’ve nabbed – not the original (and I’m sure, TRUE weather forecasting capable) groundhog, denotes what stage of winter we are in solely on whether the sun is out on February 2nd or not, is on the level of not stepping on a crack to avoid the breaking of the back of your Mom. If you enjoy the farce that is, or think it would be remotely interesting to see in person, Punxsutawney Phil, or are involved with it in any way, YOU AM DUMB.


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