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Topic #52 – Crazyhound

For the most part I understand airport security. Blowing up a plane with a couple hundred people on it is no bueno. Showing your ID. The metal detector. The x-ray machine. Makes perfect sense to me. I get it. People pay to be shuttled from one city to another and they want to do it safely. Which makes me wonder what the fuck Greyhound has going on.

Do you need to show an ID to get on a Greyhound? Uh, nope. Do they check your bags for even a letter opener? Nah. Do they even pat you down? For what? Oh, maybe because the terminals are crawling with hoodlums and miscreants. Seriously, the difference between a prison bus and a Greyhound bus is that you at least know who the criminals are on a prison bus. I rode one of these hell wagons recently and its basically criminal university. I learned how to make dynamite out of garden variety fireworks. I learned how to make  rocket launchers out of PVC piping. I learned how to pull 3 check scams. I now know enough to go to jail 3 times over. Does Al-Qaeda not know the danger they can cause here? Or the danger they can learn how to cause? Forget being concerned about uranium in Iran, we should be checking the LA to Dallas run on Greyhound. If you don’t think there should be more safety on Greyhound, You Am Dumb.


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