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Topic #47 – Banker’s Hours

I’m a modern tech kind of guy. I like to bank online when I can. I order online whenever possible. However, there are still some times when you just have to take care of business in person. You just have to feel a sweater. Or try on a pair of jeans. Maybe you have to see how good the picture on the television is first. Well, I occasionally have to actually stop in at my bank. I know, you can deposit in ATM’s, take pictures of checks to deposit them and things like that, but sometimes I need to talk to a real human, live and in person. Of course, that’s always fun when the bank closes at 5 and isn’t open on the weekend.

We do live in a capitalist society right? That makes money and the access to money one of the more vital service areas we need to have available to us. With this as the case, what is the deal with banker’s hours? Doesn’t the majority of the population work until 5 every week night and have weekends free (or mostly free). Why is it then, that most banks are only open during the same hours the majority of the population is working? Does this make sense to anyone? Lunch is an hour at most workplaces. I’m supposed to give up 20-30 minutes of that so I can stand in line behind some 80 year old biddie who for some reason decided that today was the day she was going to put 15 different deposits into 12 accounts, check the balance’s on two CD’s and open an account for her granddaughter? What are you doing with 12 accounts woman? You wear Lee Press-On Nails and I know the hairspray you’re using is from the 99 Cent Store because I’m there so often, and that smell kind of permeates the store.

Credit Unions are the worst. They’re basically like, “Fuck your time. Our shit isn’t online, our shit isn’t open on the weekends, and we won’t even let you in unless you have 3 ID’s.” I’m part of the 99% and you guys are making it real hard to get to the 1% since I can’t get my money either in or out of you bastards. Even with regular banks – have you ever had someone transfer a decent amount of money into your account? It takes days to get the money out. And they wonder why I travel everywhere with money strapped to my abs like Mark Wahlberg in Contraband. If you’re a bank that uses banker’s hours, You Am Dumb.


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