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Topic #45 – Stop With The Toolbars

Of course you thought I gave up on this thing.  I’d love to tell you that I had a magical reason for not keeping this up to date, but to be frank, travel and lack of free time have kept me from freely flowing on the internets as much as I’d like lately.  That doesn’t mean the dumb stuff hasn’t continued to be cataloged by me for you and this triumphant return.  How many days can I keep the new return going?  Folks, I AM DUMB TOO.  Don’t count on consistency.  Count on the DUMB.  On to today’s topic.

Getting some free time back on the internet has meant a lot of catching up with new installations, new downloads, and new videos.  In other words, wasting inordinate amounts of time.  There seems to be a constant with all this new crap, and although I’ve noticed it for years, I feel someone has to say something:  what’s with the constant attempts to get me to download a GD toolbar?  Web pages are already big enough that I have to scroll down to read whatever is on them.  I already have a toolbar or two at the top and at the bottom.  Why would I want yet another toolbar?  I’m going to be honest:  I don’t have that many tools, and of the tools I have that need bars, I don’t get to all of them anyway.  In fact, I could probably use less bars of tools than I currently have.  To top it off, I find it easier to type “” into a url and search the big ol’ toolbar right on Google, instead of fitting what I’m looking for into some obscure corner of the screen.

If I added every single toolbar, my screen would look like a wall in Tim Allen’s garage.  That’s right, I just dropped a Tool Time from “Home Improvement” reference.  Suck on that, Yahoo toolbar that wants to add itself with every Apple or Adobe update I get.  Look, either I trust your site and will go there for my searching, or I won’t.  Having you ominously situated in the corner of my screen will only piss me off and make me wary of trusting you.  If you’re a program to be downloaded and you include an automatic toolbar installation, YOU AM DUMB.


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