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Topic #43 – Lowest Common Denominator

I will be the first to admit that I like a little cheese and sleaze.  I read crass blogs, I know who all the reality show dingbats are and I watch way more television than my Mom probably hoped I would.  I disagree that it’s all mindless however, because there is not only a proliferation of educational programming from channels like Discovery, History, NatGeo, etc., some of the episodic television is well-written and at least creates thought and discussion – if you don’t sit there mouth agape wandering into space.  My beef however is with the low-level TV out there.  I like seeing into the private lives of Hollywood stars like the next semi-obsessed nut job, but I have to be honest – Heidi Montag is not a star.  Neither is Kate Gosselin, Bachelor Joe or the Pretty Wild Girls.  To be more honest, not only are they not stars, shame on the morons that boost the ratings so much by paying attention, that the people that propped them up in the first place continue to do so.  No one should know Lindsay Lohan’s parents names.

This is the retarded world we live in (and yes, I’m using retarded in the correct context here).  Follow this path:  Kate Gosselin marries a butterball named Jon and proceeds to plop out twins followed by a six-pack of midgets.  Somehow they end up filming a couple years of their life and airing it on a cable channel.  The couple breaks up, and Kate is somehow on covers of magazines and is now a “star”.  She has no discernible talent other than having a womb of considerable depth and width.  She’s on Dancing With The Stars, but by the count of seasons on television, her partner is more of a star and shown far more talent than she has…

How about this one:  A former playboy model (who you never heard of, because you’ve never heard of any of them) has 3 daughters who are just old enough to be whores.  E! (which either stands for entertainment or the drug the producers are on) decides to give them a show so you can literally watch how 3 girls teetering on the edge of hooking get into the profession.  One is already up on burglary charges and another one is nekkid all over Playboy already.  Not that I’m against of-age women taking pictures sans-clothes, but this doesn’t make you a star.  Gilbert Arenas brought a gun to the arena he plays basketball in and got suspended for a year.  One of these girls robbed real celebrities and gets to make money on a TV show.

Here’s the one that put me over the top:  A woman is literally eating her way to 1,000 pounds for fame and money.  I wouldn’t know about this except for the fact that every major “entertainment” show carried the story.  People pay money online to watch her eat and there’s talk of her landing a reality show about her attempt.

There is no chicken and the egg scenario here, people.  Stop publicizing dumb shit.  What kills me about “stardom” of people like Kate Gosselin, is that you dupes buy into it.  How do I know?  Dancing With The “Stars” losers are voted off by the public.  Here is the people’s chance to make a statement.  Weeks into it, Gosselin and Bachelor Jake are still on the show.  That means you’re picking them over watching Buzz Aldrin potentially break a hip.  The man walked on the moon, dummies.  I totally understand that you get drawn to reality shows, but to follow the next piece of shit that someone from that show does is ridiculous.  The 15 minutes of fame ends when the show is off the air.  Stop watching, the “entertainment” shows will stop following them and maybe we can return to finding out about real celebrities.  Until then, if you feed into the reality show = star/celebrity hysteria, YOU AM DUMB.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s painful to watch TV. Is this why I pay for cable? To see Kate rant and her hair look more and more like something Edward Scissorhands created? Now she has extensions, but she’s still a nag and a b*tch, so maybe we could schedule a frontal labotomy in with the next set of extensions.
    Heidi Montag? Horrid! She just had a bunch of ridiculous plastic surgery and so now the dumb frozen look is permanently there because her face can no longer move in any other expression. The best was when Justin Timberlake accepted an award at the VMAs a few years ago and asked MTV to play more videos. By the way, he was given his award from the “stars” of The Hills. Any more questions?

    Comment by Maggie | April 9, 2010 | Reply

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