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Topic #42 – Meter Maid Revolution

Good to be back after the April Fools Easter holiday.  I’m sure you didn’t miss me, but I’ve been boiling over with DUMB, and I’m excited to come back and share it with you.  I know I tend to take a lot thought processes to task, which can sometimes lead you to search your soul for your own stupidity, but today, I’m taking on The Man.  That’s right, boys and lady-boys – paid parking.

I’ve never seen an opportunity to charge every citizen of a certain status level (and not a terribly high one at that – I’m talking to you, ’89 Hyundai driver from this morning) such an alarming cost, to simply set their equipment somewhere for a little while.  It is perhaps, one of the most ridiculous catch-22’s since the whole unprotected sex-disease/pregnancy debacle.  Municipalities want tourism to come in – they ply us with restaurants and performances and scantily clad, uh dogs (hi Mom).  Then when we get there, the only way to park is to either pay some exorbitant amount for the right to park in a garage that it will take until next week to get out of, or have so many quarters you can beat down any man who tries to take your spot.  Oh wait, now they’ve made it “easier” for you to park by offering up meter boxes where you can pay by credit card!  Yippee, another location I can share my most vital and personal information with.  Now the city can record exactly where you were at any time by checking your credit card records.  Isn’t that sweet?  Or, if you live in Chicago, it’s not a city that’s getting that information, but a monolith 3rd party, since Chicago sold(!) it’s parking meters to a private company, that now enforces a 24 hour a day rule on meters.

I’m telling you now, the revolution won’t be a class war, or a racial war, it will be a rebellion of drivers against those that would charge us to park.  No one is opposed to a city bringing in some revenue for itself.  That’s reasonable.  However, charging more than a gallon of gasoline to park somewhere for an hour, having to put quarters into meters until 2 in the morning (or later) and giving people tickets before they even have the time to put money in the meter (like this situation HERE) are just insane.  Easiest way to avoid paying a parking meter?  Simply drive your car right through the one on the curb of the spot you intend to park in.  Seems just as rationale as paying more to park to see a movie than the cost of the actual (and overpriced) movie itself.  To the parking meters, and the fools who run them or accept jobs ticketing for them, YOU AM DUMB.


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