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Topic #41 – Tell Me Tomorrow

What day is it?  Oh yeah – Thursday.  NO DUMMY – it’s April 1st.  AKA April Fool’s Day.  I’ve never seen a day with a more apt title.  Today is the day where radio hosts try and sucker pre-caffeinated people as they drive to work, where websites try and get a big giggle out of selling themselves to someone of no importance or redoing the face of their website (I’m looking at you “” aka Google), and where your friend with an IQ of “Gump” decides to play a prank on you that isn’t really a prank, but more of an attempt at heart-attack inducement.

Let me save you the wonderment.  Anyone you know that announces an engagement, pregnancy, quitting, stardom, diabetes, kidney stones, famous siblings, found money, lost money, incest enjoyment, a porn career, plastic surgery or anything like that today, IS FULL OF SHIT.  The simplest response you should give to anyone who tries to break important news to you today is a swift stomach kick.  “What if they really do have real news?” you might ask.  Well, they deserve a swift stomach kick anyway for thinking they can break said news on this date without you being suspicious.  Just don’t fall for any ridiculous stories, eats your vitamins, say your prayers and you’ll grow up big and strong like the Hulkster.  Wait, wrong blog.  Anyway, if you fall for an April Fool’s joke today, you’re more than a fool, YOU AM DUMB.


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