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Topic #40 – Diet, Exercise, Repeat

I am not He-Man.  I am not the most in shape person I know.  I’m not even the most in shape person in my house.  I have however, gained and lost weight.  Incredible amounts.  In addition, we live in a country where no one seemingly knows what healthy food is.  I watched a show on TV last Sunday where kids didn’t know what a potato looked like, but could spot a chicken nugget easily.  I know we live in a place where Domino’s is easier than the stove and most of the population is overweight, but if one more person asks me how to lose weight I’m going to drop kick a baby panda bear.

The truth is that everyone knows how to lose weight, they just don’t want to do the “work” or have some discipline when it comes to eating habits.  There are so many billboards in Los Angeles promoting lap-band surgery you’d think it was a new movie coming out for Paramount.  “Go ahead, eat what you want!  When you’re ‘morbidly obese’ come see us and we’ll put a rubber band around your stomach so you can only eat 1/3 of what you eat now.”  Here’s a simple and easy solution for this problem:  just eat 1/3 of what you eat now and skip the rubber band.  Then do anything – ANYTHING that makes you sweat for a good 25-30 minutes every day.  You can get all David Carradine with it and throw on lace leggings, wrap your head in a belt and dangle from the shower rod – if it gets you huffing and puffing for a half hour, you’ve got a winning exercise program.  Most of us don’t want to be an Adonis, we just want to wear that pair of jeans we bought 6 months ago or take our shirt off at the beach without someone trying to push us out to sea.  It’s simple – eat smaller meals than you have been, and work up a sweat doing something everyday.

Did you know that even if you didn’t change your diet, but just split up the meals more, and added some exercise, you’d be in better shape?  Cutting out some of the fried food and heavy starches, fructose corn syrup’s, etc. will help, but just eating more but smaller meals will do the trick.  At least minimally.  This isn’t new info.  You already knew this.  You just want some kind of easier solution.  But that’s just because YOU AM DUMB.


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  1. Great article…but I thought I would let you know that you have a few mispelled words—he he ooooops:-)

    Comment by Juls | March 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. A couple of spelling errors out of over 40 posts isn’t too bad, right…and now they’re fixed.

    Comment by youamdumb | March 30, 2010 | Reply

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