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Topic #39 – We’re Waiting On You, Dummy

Why not kick off Monday with one of the easiest topics to vilify people for – in-car antics?  I do all kinds of things while I’m driving.  I change clothes, make calls, update Twitter, eat and read texts – occasionally at the same time.  I don’t care if other people do the same, but I have a simple requirement – the driving takes precedence.  In tight traffic I avoid doing anything other than driving and I’m pretty confident in my skill and judgement so I’m particularly choosy about how I deviate from being fully focused on the road.  There is one place where I absolutely try to avoid fiddling with my phone or other in-car appliances – when I’m at the front of the pack at a red light.

All of us have been a few cars deep at a red light.  Most of us have been a few cars deep when we’ve had somewhere to get to by a certain time.  Since we’ve all experienced the desire for the person in the front to be ready to ride when the light turns green, why do so many of us get lost in everything but waiting for that light to change when we’re in the front?  If you’re a couple cars back, it’s simple:  you keep an eye on the bumper in front of you and when it starts to roll forward, you perk up for your turn to roll on.  When you’re in the front you have no bumper to decipher go-time.  All you have is the light, and when you don’t pay attention you are officially mucking it up for the rest of us.  It’s a simple responsibility, but an important one.  You can’t apply make-up, you can’t respond to that text, you can’t look for that piece of paper that fell into the backseat.  You need to watch the light and have that right foot ready to make moves.  What’s even worse is when the offending idiot is in a left turn lane with an arrow.  We all know that arrow is only green for about 15 seconds.  Every second wasted not trying to get through is another full light everyone has to sit through.  The toughest thing about that is when they finally realize it and take off, and then you get stuck, you can’t even catch up to them for a flashing of the bird because thanks to their ineptitude you are now stuck at the light for another cycle.  I know driver’s licenses are easier to get than herpes these days, but if you can’t follow simple red light etiquette, YOU AM DUMB.


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