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Dummy Of The Week

So, I’m a couple of days behind.  This is really par for the course with me.  I don’t drive to most places I need to be on time either, so for those that know me, this probably isn’t an odd occurrence here.

You know what’s less flexible than my arrival times?  Steel posts.  Wood is awfully flexible by comparison.  So is foam.  You’d think that if you were going to send humans rocketing down a concave sheet of ice with turns and spins at any point past where the speed hits 5 or 10 mph, you might throw some protective material up.  You know, just in case.  In case of what you might ask?  How about the latest yet quickest addition to a Dummy Of The Week victor – the officials behind the luge event in Vancouver’s Winter Olympics.  Never before has the Dummy Of The Week been clinched solely by the result of actions on the Friday of that week.  Of course, leaving a steel post exposed so Nodar Kumaritashvili (I had to copy/paste that) of Georgia (the country, not the home state of Outkast) could fly haphazardly into it at 90 mph was something decided on weeks ahead of time.

How do you look at a luge track and see an exposed steel post at a perfect place for a tobaggon tossed body to connect with and think, “Yeah, looks good to me”?  That doesn’t even make sense.  It’s like building a baseball stadium and putting a flag pole on a hill in center field.   Sports are already dangerous enough.  Getting on a sled, wearing a skin tight suit and just a helmet, lying on your back and rocketing down a sheet of ice at 90mph is dangerous to the nth power.  Tossing in an exposed steel post is like a bad professional wrestling gimmick.  I was waiting for the Ultimate Warrior to jump out and slam Nordar with a chair.  If you add unnecessary complications to sports where safety measures should exist and people die, YOU AM DUMB.


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