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Topic #30 – No, You Didn’t Pick The Saints

Ah, the day after the Super Bowl.  For those in and from New Orleans, it’s a lovely morning.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and so on.  For those in and from Indianapolis, the dagger is still stuck firmly in your throat and you are gurgling as you seek answers to the question, “Why did Peyton stab us in the neck?”  For the rest of the Country, however, a different day is upon us.  It’s the day after what is technically an upset in the Super Bowl, which means only one thing: bandwagon jumpers.  It is the day when all those “must-be-rights” make an effort to claim that they called the Saints victory “weeks ago”.  No, you didn’t pick the Saints.  The only people I want to hear claiming they picked the Saints before the game fall into three categories:  those that wrote it down, dated it and have photographic/video proof, those that bet them to win in Vegas, and those that bet them to win in some illegal betting pool (not that those exist anywhere).

I’ll freely admit my pregame statement:  “Emotionally I’d like to see the Saints win, but I don’t think they can stop Peyton Manning.”  I was wrong.  I will add a caveat that I did say the Saints would need turnovers to win, but that’s like saying they’d need to score touchdowns to win.  Not much of a prediction saving statement.  You and I both know people personally that will wake up this morning, feel the bruised ego, try and remember who they told that the Colts were a lock (if any) and go to everyone else they know to claim the Saints had it all the way.  Now, I’m a guy that likes to be right and will go to lengths to prove my point, but I also don’t have a problem admitting I was wrong.   I’m not sure why some people like to cover up even the minuscule errors like this one, but if you do, YOU AM DUMB.


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  1. True… I did pick the Saints and have the proof–oh did you say ILLEGAL betting pool??? Never mind then.

    Comment by Myrna | February 9, 2010 | Reply

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