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I feel pretty happy to admit that while I’ve always admired famous athletes, actors and celebrities, I’ve never seen them as infallible.  I was a HUGE Michael Jordan fan as a kid (and mostly as an adult as well), but I never thought the guy was without the capability for error – and he didn’t really let me down there.  I still think Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever, but I was shocked that it took this long for him to have some kind of scandal.  I seemed to always be more surprised that people thought these famous persons could do no wrong than I was at the fact that they actually screwed up.  The U.S. is a rather forgiving nation, however.  Our political enemy one day can be our friend the next and people that famously screw up are always allowed a chance at an apology and, time willing, a redemption.   Then there’s Mel Gibson.

Look, people rail against The Passion of The Christ but as far as I’m concerned, he got the money to make the movie and people paid to see it and if it’s a true representation of his feelings, he’s entitled to that.  If it’s a representation of his beliefs, he’s entitled.  That doesn’t mean you have to pay to see it or anything else he’s done.  The bigger issue I have is with the result of his arrest a few years ago, the subsequent NON-backlash and then a clip aired earlier this week.

A few years ago, while being pulled over for drunk driving, Mel blamed the Jews for every war in the world and made a few other unsavory comments.  In other interviews he’s also refused to say anything against his Father’s stance as a Holocaust denier.  Mel originally tried to apologize for his comments but never actually addressed them by name.  He’s stayed off the screen in an acting role for years and is finally doing press for his new movie (which I refuse to even name here).  In an interview with a reporter, this happened:

How hard is it to just reiterate that you said some dumb things and hoped people would be forgiving of your screw-up?  It doesn’t really take any more than that.  Instead, he doesn’t even address what is being asked of him, tries to spin it on the interviewer, like “how dare you even ask me about something I’ve never even acknowledged appropriately”.  Don’t spend money on Edge Of Darkness or anything else with this douchebags name on it.  Yes, everyone has their pitfalls, but most are at least willing to ask for forgiveness or understanding.  This guy just thinks his shit doesn’t stink.  Congrats to this weeks Dummy Of The Week:  Mel Gibson, YOU AM DUMB.


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