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Topic #29 – The Revolution Will Be Automated

It’s an old hat complaint by today’s standards, but I’m going to make it anyway.  In December I took a later flight back to LA from Chicago because I was in no hurry, and because they were offering a free voucher for an additional flight if I gave up my seat.  Considering I make more trips to Chicago than Scientologists make to Haiti, a free flight is always a plus.  Readying for my flight in February and knowing I had to make it 14 days in advance, I tried calling United to book my free voucher.  According to their website (here), all I had to do was call an 800-number, ask for an agent, and make the reservation.  However, when I called the 800-number, I got put directly into an automated system with no choice to request the agent I was looking for.  Instead I had to verbalize (over and over and over…and over again) details of my trip, the spelling of my name, and my phone number.  This alone took 10 minutes.  Then once done with that, I finally get told to hold for the mystical agent that I’ve been dying to speak to since the start of this goose chase.  Guess what I then am informed of?  That calling in to reserve a flight is a very messy process and that I could be on hold for a long time.  The official estimated wait time?  19 minutes!

If I have to go to an agent anyway, why am I talking to HAL?  Why is it okay to waste my time by not telling me of my upcoming wait time at the beginning of the call.  I could have then made a decision on the worth of the next 40 minutes of my life.  The Country has a 10+ % unemployment rate and yet because we have to pay everyone at least eleventy-one dollars an hour, no one can get anything done because no one wants to pay someone that much when an answering machine can frustrate their customers even more.  I promise if you pulled together all the unemployed and asked if they’d be willing to work at slightly less than minimum wage with a smaller state assisted kicker, or just be unemployed with nothing, they’d take the former.  Needless to say, after 3 attempts to get by the automated system and being informed that I have a wait that ‘s longer than most sitcoms, I am still trying to get into United to book my flight.  This great benefit of a free flight seems to be costing me money already.  If you think that automating your incoming calls is the best business idea in the world, YOU AM DUMB.


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  1. They’re hoping you give up and don’t cash in the voucher–but then…that would truly be DUMB

    Comment by Myrna | February 9, 2010 | Reply

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