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Topic #28 – Shun The Progress

When the first telephone’s started being installed in people’s homes, there was a backlash.  Many people worried about the invasion of privacy.  With phones in homes, they were now reachable at any time from anyone who happened to be able to get the operators to connect them.  No more riding over to see if someone was home!  Oh, the tragedy.  They also worried about the disrespect shown to visitors when the phone rang in the middle of a visit.  How rude to leave a visitor in your home to take a phone call!  It’s like you were dismissing their conversation for another.  Yet, somehow people got over it.

The same struggle has happened with any opt-in technology.  People combine participation with a loss of privacy, and they’re partly right.  If you have a cell phone these days you are, to an extent, at it’s mercy.  It rings, messages come in and people expect return calls and so on.  However, if you buy a cell phone, you are essentially opting in to the intrusion.  What people forget is that the level of intrusion is set by the owner.  Having a phone doesn’t have to mean you send text messages or surf the web from your phone, yet people cry out about being texted non-stop.  You can easily set your phone up not to get text messages.  People rail against Facebook and Twitter the same way.  “I don’t want people to know everything about me!”  “I don’t want to expose myself!”

Any of my close friends will tell you, I’m probably one of the more private people they know.  I’m not a big fan of sharing details about every nugget of my life, where I go, who I see, or what I think about a lot of things (although I’ve bared quite a bit here).  However, I use Facebook and Twitter quite a bit and some non-users that know my level of personally-maintained privacy always quiz me about it.  The answer is the same:  Just because you’re on a social networking site, doesn’t mean you are required to share every detail and tidbit about your life.  You don’t have to change your dating status just because you’ve been going out with her for a few days.  Are you both that insecure?  If you were, how blasting is it when you go back in to change that status to “single” again?  I use FB and Twitter as sounding boards.  A place to spit out funny and cool links, promote my business, attempt dumb sayings that I find and make up and occasionally share some neat info about my life that I have determined is harmless and worth sharing.  People use both Facebook and Twitter for a number of different things, from promotion of ideas to business to just sharing life updates.  Yet, the response I get is the same:  “Well I just don’t like sharing my personal life.”  In effect, you just don’t want to listen.  Well, I’d text it to you, but you hate texting and I’d send it to you in a LinkedIn message but you’d say, “Linked Who?”  So I’m just going to put it right here.  If you believe that status updates and tweets are mandatory and must reveal personal data, YOU AM DUMB.


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