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Topic #26 – You Live Where?

Today’s post of dumb could possibly be seen as a companion post to Topic #25, but it really deserves it’s own paragraph or two.  These days, with everything from Google Maps, to Google Earth, to Tom Tom, cell phone navigation, etc. it has become increasingly easy to find directions to businesses and people’s homes.  However, there is a vast difference (not to be confused with vas deferens – Google it) between being guided toward a place, and actually being sure you are there.  Just as a visible price is vitally important when it comes to buying groceries, a street number is just as important in letting me know whether I am anywhere near the location I’m looking for.  Yet, it seems to be the hardest thing to find on most businesses and homes.

In a way, I get it.  What pride is there to be obtained from loudly pronouncing that your address is 6969 on the front of your abode?  However, you’re missing out on important people getting to your home that just may need that information easier.  What if you need an ambulance?  Or pizza in 30 minutes or less?  People put their house number (if they display it at all) in the dumbest places and display them in the dumbest ways.  It’s 40 feet from the street to your door – what kind of mega-vision am I supposed to possess to spot your size 8 type numbers on your house, that are (in)conveniently painted the EXACT shade of your house.  Thanks for the invisible numbers and the Holmesian amount of deductive reasoning it will now take to figure out that you must be the one unlit house on the block.  Searching for your house is like playing Sudoku on “challenger”.  If you can’t make your house number legible enough for me to spot from the street, YOU AM DUMB.


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  1. I felt compelled to add my two pence worth since no-one has ever commented on your ‘dumb arse’ blogs (of which I must admit has prompted me to let out a silent chuckle or two or p’haps three….ahem). Therefore, I would like to encourage a trend of ‘commenters’ to post their opinions on your thoughts which apparently keep you up at night (unless a hot bird is responsible for your insomnia?…ahem again).

    I confess, that I do concur with the often mishap, or downright Houdini act of numbers/names on fixed abodes and businesses. This I deduce can be whittled down to two things……that such homes/offices/operations do not wish to be found (p’haps they’re in the witness protection programme) or indeed you have dodgy eyesight! My case has now been rested.

    Endearingly written from your fan du jour.

    Comment by Tiffany | January 23, 2010 | Reply

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