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Topic #25 – Very Nice, How Much?

It’s the “oh-tens”, as the kids are saying these days, so when I’m at a store, there are really two things I’m looking at when I go to the grocery store to buy food, meds, protection (pepper spray, Mom) and the occasional classy bottle of wine:  the ingredients, and the price.  Well, I don’t actually check the ingredients on the condoms protection and wine, but I do on food and medicine.  The important thing here is that I check the price.  The telltale sign of whether you’re going to buy something – scratch that – buy one item over a competitive item by another company, is cost for what you’re getting.  Since this is generally the most vital thing when you’re shopping for food, why am I so often unable to find the damn price on things in the grocery store?

Remember back in the day (or at 7-Eleven’s – side note: why is “eleven” spelled out and not “7”?) when grocers used to have the little pricing gun and they’d go along ‘shk’kunking’ a price tag on every single item in the store?  Sure, some of them would fall off in the hustle and bustle of people looking at the items (or because of the cheap adhesive, I digress) but because every item had a price tag on it, you merely had to pick up another of the same package to see the price.  Now all the prices are (supposed to be) positioned on the shelf front just below the item.  The only problem is that in the course of the day, items get tossed around, the price strips get knocked down or they just aren’t there in the first place.  Me walking around a store for 20 minutes to find some stock boy who also doesn’t know the price and then has to take the item to the front so we can interrupt the 2-mile line, just so the cashier can tell me some absurd price that makes me recoil in horror somehow seems counterproductive when compared to just price-gunning the entire store.  If you have a grocery store with groceries that don’t have clearly marked prices, YOU AM DUMB.


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