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Topic #24 – You Means You ONLY

People are always so helpful.  Many times they are forthcoming with advice and oh so eager to give you their opinion on what steps to take to solve whatever issue is troubling you.  The problem is that too many people mistake what is a mere opinion for a fact.  It is amazing how many times I’ll be hanging out with friends and one complains about an ache or a pain only to have another one chime in with the great line, “you know what that is?”, followed by some reasoning based on an experience they had one time, or more potently, heard that a friend had one time.  Uh, thanks Doogie Loser, MD, but your 5th hand experience is not valid.  It’s one thing to bring up possibilities.  “Have you ruled XYZ out?”  “Is it POSSIBLE that it could be ABC?”  I just double over with laughter every time someone hears some tiny symptom and because their Aunt Mathilda, who has no other quality similar to you had a symptom somewhat similar to yours 25 years ago, it is without a doubt what your ailment is.

The same thing happens in matters of relationship discussion.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard women discussing the men in their life and giving matter-of-fact information based of the knucklehead they’re dating.  “Oh, he said that?  Whenever they say that, they mean blah, blah, blah” shut up.  You date a bunch of goat-herders.  What makes you think that your laundry list of failures in relationships qualifies you to tell another person how someone who is a complete stranger to you is going to act?  Your experience is yours only, which is why so many of you morons try and claim that you are an individual, and no one can tell you this, that and the other, because no one else has lived your life.  If that’s the case, then stop assuming you know how everyone else is going to act based on your one-sided experience.  If you think your experience is transferable to advice for the other 6.5 billion people on the planet, YOU AM DUMB.


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