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Dummy Of The Week!

Yes, I totally whiffed on getting out some posts this week.  I may or may not make up for it – but I couldn’t get through a week without dropping a “Dummy Of” on ya.  This week, with the horrendous issue going on post-earthquake in Haiti, we almost had a tie for our weekly champion.  Rush Limbaugh is always a possible Dummy pick because the guy is a high and mighty oxycontin drug addict who, like a classic drug addict, likes to blame everyone else for what’s wrong in the world.  His statements this week about Obama and Haiti would normally be enough to warrant the title but he was outdone by everyone’s (least) favorite ‘pastor’, Pat Robertson.

This sham of a schemer actually had the balls to say that Haiti was due this earthquake as part of  a deal the nation made with the devil during their attempt to gain independence from French rule and literally followed up that piece of idiocy with the phrase (and I’m quoting directly here), “True story.”  He claims, wait, let’s go back to that for a second.  True story?  According to whom?  This charlatan is such a conniver he would have his watcher’s believe, and attempt to get anyone else paying attention to believe that he has access to fact that no one else has that the population of Haiti made a literal pact with the Devil.  To get free from the French.  In the early 1800’s.  Are you kidding me?  The only reason I could see his statement having any validity is that to know whether Haiti made a pact with the Devil, one would have to either be old enough to know the people involved in making the treaty, or know the Devil.  While I think Pat Robertson is mighty old, I’m a lot more willing to believe that he has a pretty tidy friendship with the Devil.

Keith Olbermann delivered a diatribe railing Pat Robertson which I thought was really on point and I second his notions, but I couldn’t go without making an additional statement.  This buffoon has made incendiary, divisive comments like these his entire career, yet somehow people still pay for him to be on the air, sponsor ads for his show and follow him devoutly.  I don’t believe in taking someone off the air solely because they have a shitty opinion, but what type of Forrest Gumpian mentality does it take to hear his statements on this horrendous tragedy and think, “yeah, that’s right on”?  Pat Robertson is sexist, racist and in no way does he represent any type of spirituality that I would want spread into the world.  If I believe in a higher power for no other reason, it’s for times like this, when I pray for that higher power to intervene positively for the people of Haiti, and negatively for an uber-douche like Pat Robertson.  YOU sir, AM DUMB.  Good luck in hell.


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