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I love sports.  Professional sports, amateur sports, college sports.  Yes, I separated ‘amateur’ from ‘college’ sports because frankly, unless you’re on the college swim team, you’re probably getting some under-the-table money from somewhere.  Why do I love sports?  The athleticism?  Sure.  The competition?  Why not?  But what I seem to enjoy the most about sports is the off-the-field lives that so often end up on the front page.  Without sports, Tiger Woods would have been just another doctor that cheated on his wife.  Without sports, Antoine Walker’s yearly trips home to Chicago to get robbed wouldn’t be as big a deal.  And yes, without sports, we wouldn’t get to see the idiocy that is unfolding right now in Washington, D.C.

According to a number of NBA players, more than half the players in the league have or carry guns.  It makes sense – while being tall and athletic, basketball players by comparison are more lanky and lean than their counterparts in other major sports.  Pair that with being worth millions of dollars, connections with shady friends, and a fairly accessible schedule, and you have a recipe for a bunch of guys to be robbed, mugged and burglarized regularly.  While all of that makes gun ownership a reasonable idea, and even having one in your car isn’t so far-fetched, considering the number of players who have been car-jacked, why in the hell would you bring guns from your car into the locker room at the stadium you play in?

If you’ve ever watched the pre-game show for a basketball game, they usually have a shot of a player or two arriving for the game, and they are usually getting out of their car in the bowels of the stadium, which means that the only people that have access to them from the time they get to the game till when they leave, are authorized to be there.  Dear Gilbert Arenas, what benefit would you have by bringing your gun(s) from your house in your car to the stadium, and then out of the car and into the locker room?   This is one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of an athlete doing at their place of business.  There is no reasonable explanation for why this happened other than “I am just so stupid that risking jail time and the voiding of the last $100 MILLION of my contract was worth showing off these cool guns I have.”   Then, to top it off, Doc Holiday decides to make a mockery of the issue by doing the “finger-gun” thing during warm-ups with his teammates.  How does the commissioner NOT suspend you for that?  Here I was all set to use this Dummy Of The Week as a platform to rant against the BCS system and talk about playoffs, but Gilbert Arenas stormed in, finger-guns blazing to put all that to waste.  Mr. Arenas, YOU AM DUMB.


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