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Topic #22 – Sweeping My Lunch

Over the years I’ve made a real effort to stop eating fast food, and more specifically, at fast food establishments.  Health was obviously the main reason for this, but other factors like frustration with staff or feeling like I was in a slaughtering pen contributed as well.  A major problem with eating in fast food restaurants reared it’s head the other day when I was at the airport waiting to fly.

I was at the airport nice and early for my flight which would have never happened had my sister not been leaving from the same airport a few hours before me.  At my gate fresh and ready to go, the agent announced that they were looking for volunteers to take a later flight, which they would reward with a free ticket for another flight.  Because I fly often, and more importantly, have enough crap with me to entertain myself for hours on end, I jumped at the chance.  So I calmly sit down in the gate area to eat the overpriced unhealthy lunch I had procured from myself as I now had time to actually taste the glorious burger, and within 2 minutes, a janitor comes over with one of those rolling sweepers.

Does this just annoy me?  I don’t really care whether it does or not, which is the basis for this blog anyway, but when I’m eating food, I don’t want you cleaning the floor directly under me or within a foot or so of me during my meal.  The last thing I need to be doing is moving my feet so you can rub your broom on my pant leg.  Of course, it’s never fast.  There never fails to be some stubborn morsel or scrap of paper that holds tight to the floor like a new convict about to be tossed in jail for the first time.  O’Hare isn’t small.  The area this guy is required to clean has to include some places my meal is not taking place in.  Go there.  If you insist on cleaning up an area while I’m trying to eat there, YOU AM DUMB.


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