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Topic #21 – Lock Your Door

As many of you know, I grew up in Chicago.  I went to grade school and high school IN the city, and lived in the heart of it after college.  I am fully aware of the dangers that lurk.  Muggers and burglars and what is essentially referred to as the dregs.  Growing up our car was broken into, our garage was broken into, and so on and so forth.  In my more mischievous days I was a contributor to the darkness on the streets as well.  Moving out to Los Angeles has not softened this.  The homeless population here is large and while mostly harmless, everybody wants to eat and rest their head and some are willing to live in a gray moral area to do so.  I tell you that as a preface to this story.

I got home yesterday and had a lot of things to get out of the car.  Now, I don’t recall whether I tried to hit the lock button on my key fob as I got out, or if I just figured I’d lock the car up when I got in the house.  Being that my driveway is literally 2 steps from the patio off of my living room, locking the door from in my place is something I do often.  Of course, I stopped to get the mail and somewhere in the process, must have never hit that button on the old key fob.

Around midnight last night I realize that I forgot my charger in my car so I stepped outside to grab it.  I get to my car door, and there is a bum asleep in the front seat of my car!  At the time of course, I didn’t realize that I had forgotten to lock my door so I was absolutely stunned.  For about 5 seconds.  Then I went to my trunk and calmly pulled the Easton aluminum bat I keep there (if you don’t keep a bat in your trunk, you should – easiest weapon to get away with carrying), opened the car door and politely woke up my slumbering guest.  Luckily he was apologetic and was not looking for confrontation.  Of course, if you fall asleep in a stranger’s car, you obviously ARE looking for confrontation.  Fortunately for me, he didn’t give me any beef and didn’t steal anything.  Fortunately for him, I didn’t have a gun on me and have gotten to a point where I think before I swing the Easton.  I don’t live in a bad neighborhood (Brentwood/Santa Monica) but there is a parish that does the soup kitchen thing on a regular basis.  Regardless, I know better than to not lock my door.  All in all, if you leave your car door unlocked like I did, you’re asking for trouble and while YOU AM DUMB…I IS TOO.


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  1. OMFG! It’s the comedic adventures of Bobby Hill. That is fucking funny. I would’ve probably done the same thing. It’s certainly no different than Chicago other than possibly the weather. Nice. Its my 1st time checking this out this page & you’re getting to be a good writer. Take care- B

    Comment by Becca | January 7, 2010 | Reply

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