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Topic #18 – Take Your Tie Off

It’s Saturday night.  You’re in your favorite drinking establishment.  It’s midnight.  Then you look over and you see it: the guy standing with his buddies wearing a tie.  I’ve worked jobs where I had to be in an office on Saturday.  I’ve even worked jobs that required wearing a tie on Saturday.  However, I’ve never worked a job that required me to continue wearing a tie when I got to the bar to drown the sorrows of having to work and wear a tie on Saturday in the first place.  I don’t want to hear how you like wearing a tie.  You’ve already loosened it.  It’s hanging from your neck well below your unbuttoned collar.  Take it off.  Leave it in your car.  Pocket it even.  Just don’t stand in a bar on a Saturday night and pretend like you’re sophisticated because instead of opting for an actual look to wear out for the evening, you went for “employed”.  Today’s is short but sweet, but if you keep a tie on or put a tie on to go out to the bar, YOU AM DUMB.


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