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Topic #17 – It Doesn’t Take A Village To Beat A Child

I love the auto show.  I went almost every single year when I lived in Chicago and I’ve been to both LA Auto Shows since moving here last November.  I don’t have a problem with crowds and generally enjoy them because, frankly it gives me plenty of fodder for this blog.  There is no crowd on earth that can fill up a post of dumbness like an auto show crowd.  Why?  Because it is a true melting pot of people.  If you want proof that dumb exists in all races and creeds, go to an auto show and watch every cultural member of the species exhibit low-level IQ behavior.  Especially with their children.

It was amazing to watch the number of kids just running wild through the show.  At one point, my buddy Drama ( and I watched these brothers who were probably 7 and 5 years old pummel the crap out of each other on a rotating stage for a Honda concept vehicle.   I mean, for a good 5 minutes it was like midget wrestling invaded the auto show.  Not a parent to be seen.  Finally when they took off running to another display, some grandfatherly old man stood up from across the stage and followed after them.  It was like this the whole show.  Look, I think it’s cool for kids to get a chance to sit in the front seat and play with all the dials, but 10 minutes is overkill.  Of course the kid doesn’t know any better but where is Mom or Dad to put out a little discipline?

I got into one car after about 8 minutes of waiting for a kid who I guarantee will never have the common sense to even be able to pass a driving test to scoot over to the passenger side.  This Forrest-Gumpian child had the radio on high blast singing along to a Black Eyed Peas song.  I reached over and turned the stereo down 3 notches and Corky looks at me like I just preceded him off of the short bus, then reaches over and ratchets it right back up.  Now, maybe I’m wrong for this, but I looked him dead in the eye and, while turning the radio back down said, “I will punch you right in the nose.”  Did I care?  No.  You know why?  There wasn’t an adult around that looked like they had any parental rights to this music-loving midget.  Parents, if you’re going to take your kids to a public place, make sure they are trained to behave, otherwise, YOU AM DUMB.


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  1. I had to laugh at this in spite of the underlying seriousness. In the 1950’s the single worst offense sited by teachers was talking instead of listening and chewing gum in class. Jump now to present day.
    My wife is a third grade teacher that has been attacked (kicked, hit, bitten, tripped, rocks thrown at her), cussed at with some of the more vile terms known to man, and even had a couple (third graders mind you) try to get her in trouble by making up stories, that had they been true, would have gotten her fired! Believe it or not, they calculated their stories with that being their aim.
    She has seen at least one kindergartner (recently)turn and call her teacher a m….. f….er as she was getting in her car to go home! A five year old girl.
    She has children coming to school yelling and screaming that their parent(s) have told them what the teachers can and can’t do, and had better not do, or mom and dad would sue.
    Why are things like this today. Because these children are extremely aware that there is nothing that the teachers can do to punish them. Nothing! Sure they can document and write notes home to mom and dad. Sometimes that works, too. But, you would be appalled at the number of parents that will not support a teacher. They will look for ways to undermine, from anything to incite nonexistent race allegations to – well you name it. So next time you see a teacher, thank them. I guarantee you that the 14 hours per day (no exageration)working, the several hours each and every weekend, and taking papers to grade and administrative work just about everywhere she goes is not worth the pay. Including vacations. Especially, after dealing with little Johnny and Jane all day.

    Comment by whereisthecommonsense | December 7, 2009 | Reply

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