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Topic #16 – Stop Dancing

Sports is fun.  At the end of all the strategizing and trickeration and quest for victory, it is as they say, just a game.  People should have fun when they play sports be that if it’s just for fun or for their job.  Speaking of those people that play sports as a job:  STOP DANCING.  Look, I get it – the average career of an athlete is often shorter than the time Lindsay Lohan spends sober.  You want to enjoy it at the highest level.  Thing is, your dances suck.  Admit it, even as classic as the Icky Shuffle is, it was a lame dance beyond even Macarena levels of cheese.

What’s worse is now players dance over plays that don’t even result in scores.  Get a first down?  Shake your ass.  Sack the quarterback?  Crawl on the ground like an idiot.  Dude, you’re 36.  Hug that orange-and-aqua clad other grown man till he falls over, stand up, high-five your teammate – another grown man with paint on his face, let a couple of guys home-erotically slap your ass for your good efforts, and line up to do it all over again.  If you’re a pro-athlete and you dance after making a basic play, YOU AM DUMB.


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