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Dummy Of The Week

Economic times are tough on everyone. We all need a little bailout and for many of us, just the opposite is happening. People are turning to many alternative ways to make income in these troubled times. I’ve valeted, bounced, etc. throughout my life to make extra money in tight times. What I haven’t done and probably wouldn’t consider or recommend, is robbing your own mother.

As the story has it, 54 year old Randy Suggs tried to rob his own mother with a sheet over his head. He ended up pushing her down and taking a whopping $67. You’d think he’d have a better idea of whether rolling his own Mom was a good idea. I don’t know what numerical figure makes it worth it, but $67 ain’t it, kids.

What good ol’ Randy also didn’t bank on is his Mom being able to know it was him. You know, because throwing a blanket over your head is enough to disguise yourself from your own parent. Despite being 54, I’m gonna gamble that Mrs. Suggs probably bought this cerebral giant the clothes he had on at the time. Regardless, she simply informed her other son who called the cops and had them arrest his brother. That’s exactly how I would have handled it, except beating the ever-living snot out of my brother first would have slipped in there. Being broke is one thing, but Randy Suggs, YOU AM DUMB.


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