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Topic #14 – I’ll Run You Over

There’s a place in Santa Monica where my buddies and I like to waste time called the 3rd St. Promenade, so named because uh, it’s on 3rd St. and it’s made for walking.  You can’t drive down 3rd south of Wilshire and it’s about 4 or 5 blocks of shops, eateries, and other stuff.  Some of the best people watching in the world.  Also one of the places that makes me want to punch people right in the button on the back of their head.  We are a multi-task generation:  everybody does 2 or 3 things at once.  We eat and text and converse with friends and walk all at the same time.  This does not excuse you from either slowing to a death crawl or stopping abruptly in front of me.  Many times the human brembo brake in front of me isn’t doing anything other than walking.  Something fires off in their head, I dunno, whomever is controlling the Sim must have hit pause or something, but they just stop and stand – in the middle of a walkway.

Look, we all have moments when an idea, a thought or a forgotten need hits us.  Move your pause-walking ass to the side of the walkway and let people with someplace to go continue about their business.  Then you wonder why I just tried to wacky-wall walk up your calf – maybe if you would’ve let everyone else know that Simon said, “freeze” we could have coordinated this stoppage in play a little better.  If you like to stop abruptly in the middle of a walkway, YOU AM DUMB


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