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Topic #13 – Just Make The Sub

Some of you who have read previous rants of mine in other iterations may remember this, but it has validity, because the shit still happens.  I’m not as frequent a Subway eater as I used to be.  It used to be a religion for me.  Daily doses of $5 chicken breast footlong subs…but I’d slowed down my Subway intake.  Over the last few weeks I’ve just happened to have it a couple times and I can see that some things haven’t changed when it comes to making my sandwich.

Taking an order for a sandwich at Subway should be simple, especially considering that’s ALL they do.  They seem completely thrown off by anyone who knows exactly what they want.  Every time I come in and rattle off my meat, bread, cheese and toasting preference, it is a guarantee that I get asked about at least 2 of the 4 almost right after.  I mean, you order the veggies afterward so as not to confuse them, right?  It’s like they got called in from a Burger King and don’t know the line-up yet.  Then while they make the sandwich they keep looking past me.  Do Subway’s have a history of being robbed?  I’ve seen my fair share of unsavory peeps in Subway, but I’ve gone to quite a few of them and never seen as much as a fracas, let alone a brouhaha, melee or all out riot.  I think the store is safe sir, can you go back to asking me a third time if I want that toasted?  If you work at Subway and can’t remember the first 4 parts of the order, YOU AM DUMB.


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