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I was going to try and hold out for a bigger DOTW, but I finally had to settle where I did.  I’m sure not all of you are sports fans and many of you aren’t Chicago Bears fans (and shame on you for that).  For those that are unfamiliar with sports, they key almost all ball/puck sports is offensive possession.  This is why something like golf is a game and table tennis is a sport.  It is a sacred thing to be on offense in any sport – it is your best chance to score, which is necessary for winning.  That said, the absolute worst thing you can do in a ball/puck sport is to give up your possession unnecessarily.  Bad third outs in baseball, easily stolen passes in basketball, and fumbles or interceptions in football are generally telltale signs of a team itching to lose. 

Thursday night, the Chicago Bears threw 4 interceptions against the San Francisco 49ers and yet, with 15 seconds left and the ball in easy scoring distance, they had an opportunity to overcome a terrible night of turnovers (Brett Favre has 3 picks all year) and actually win the game.  But on 2nd down with time for 2 more plays, Jay Cutler decided to just end the game right there, throwing interception number 5…of the game!  By contrast, Kyle Orton, the Bears starting QB last year, has thrown 4 interceptions all year in Denver.  Now, Cutler was rushed a lot and 2 of his recievers either fell down or didn’t fight to win a potential catch that became an interception, so I won’t put it all on Cutler’s head.  But the overall offense was miserable and for that, the Chicago Bears are my DUMMY OF THE WEEK.


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