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Topic #12 – Senseless Information

I’m involved in businesses where acquiring people’s contact information is a vital thing.  May day pretty much revolves around obtaining, having, sharing and using people’s contact information.  Not maliciously of course, it’s just part of the business world I’m involved in.  A funny thing happens sometimes when people share their personal info, though:  they add outdated or non-important components.  What person over the age of 11 doesn’t know that if you’re calling a number in a different area code that you have to start by dialing 1?  There is absolutely no reason to start off the process of giving my your phone number by saying, “1…”  Really Karnak?  You’re projecting me as so retarded that I might potentially bang around on the phone, defeatedly being told my call won’t go through because you’ve failed to share that I need to dial a 1 first when calling your number born of a different area code?  That’s like giving me directions to your house by saying, “first, walk out of your front door.”  Thanks for the heads-up, Cousteau, I would have never made it. 

Also, why are there still people trying to tell me that their website or email address is all lower-case?  Just this morning a guy told me his email address was, “Capital J and the rest is lower-case.”  In this email address he explained why he added a random color between his first and last name because just his first and last name were already taken by someone else.  “The upper-case J didn’t set you two apart, huh?” I asked.  “Well, I guess someone had already taken that name with the upper AND lower case J.” was his response.  Or maybe it just doesn’t matter.  In fact, not “maybe”, it just doesn’t.  Letter case is not a determiner on email addresses or urls.  I also don’t need to be told your website is at “double-u, double-u, double-u dot…”  I understand that some websites still only connect if you use the “trip-dub” (as I like to call it), but if I try putting in your url and it doesn’t work, and I don’t give it another shot with the ol’ trip-dub in front of it, you can probably expect me to have white-out on my screen because I don’t know that “del” is short for delete.  If you give senseless added information to me when giving me your phone number, email address or website url, YOU AM DUMB


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  1. Great post, I did not thought this would be so awesome when I klicked at your title!

    Comment by duseChest | November 26, 2009 | Reply

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