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Topic #11 – I’m In Here

It’s hard enough for most people to get private time at home.  The phone rings, the food’s boiling, the kids (if you have them) are slamming each other’s heads into things.  When you’re in public, private time is obviously more scarce.  That’s why I always treasure some good stall time in my local camode, be it at Target, CVS, or whatever bar/club I’m in.  Except for some reason, there are people that think that banging on a closed and locked bathroom stall is a good idea.  What is the damn point of this?  Who is looking to spend any more time in the stall than they need to, and what business is it of yours to be the determiner of whether I’ve spent enough time in there or not.  Trust me, if you’re knocking on the door and I’m not ready, you don’t want me coming out. 

It’s like pressing an elevator button, seeing it light up, standing there for a couple of seconds, and pressing it again.  Look, the elevator gets it.  That’s why the button lit up.  I know other people want to use the toilet, but that doesn’t make the bowels move any faster.  The emergency of you having to go has zero bearing on this at all, although trust me, I wish it did.  If you knock on bathroom stall doors when you know someone is inside, YOU AM DUMB.


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