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Wow, are we really on our 3rd Dummy Of The Week?  If you’re keeping score at home, so far I was the winner in week 1 followed by a specific company that didn’t have a lowly $200 to pay me on time for work done last week.  This weeks Dummy Of The Week is a little more serious.  This week has seen two major tragedies with the shootings at Fort Hood and in Orlando.  Although for basically different reasons, committing a gun massacre because you are jilted is more than dumb, but it certainly qualifies here.  How selfish and ignorant do you have to be to not understand the ripple effect caused by murdering people who probably had no involvement in whatever it is that your beef relates to.  Being an employee of a company doesn’t mean you should have to risk losing your life at your job and you shouldn’t have to worry about a relative going to work and not coming home because some idiot decides to take out his frustration about not being able to do his job.

When it comes to Fort Hood, a profession in the Armed Forces is one where you set yourself up to put your life at risk.  The place where you shouldn’t be at risk is at your own base, however.  Many of us have built forts and bases since we were kids, and we built them to be safe-havens, not potential death traps.  In the coming days, many things are going to be called into question in regards to the safety standards on the base, etc., but make no bones about it, the responsibility here falls squarely on the idiot who did the shooting. 

There is no way in hell I will give the shooters dignity by naming them on my blog, but I will give a huge shout out to Kimberly Munley, the cop who ended the Fort Hood situation.  You, ma’am are not only NOT a dummy, you’re a hero.  For the other two idiots, many people make small mistakes, but you two, YOU AM DUMB.


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