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Dummy Of The Week!

For those of you that may not know, I do some part-time work at a hotel.  The company I work for is a sub-contractor of the hotel, so this is not ragging on the hotel in any way.  The problem is with the company I subcontract with.  The gig is cool because the hotel is very upscale and it’s allowed me to meet some incredible people.  The company I work for however, has ultimately shown me shady colors.  They had regular, established pay dates when I started.  Then they switched them to new pay dates, throwing everything off and undoubtedly shaving some money off of what they were paying those that weren’t wise enough to pay attention.  Of course, they also rarely deliver checks on those pay dates they’ve set and when they do, it is ALWAYS after the bank they use closes.  A bank who’s hours are 9-4 Monday through Friday.  Yes, NO SATURDAY HOURS AND CLOSED BY 4 PM (!) DURING THE WEEK!  Why not just put the money in my own bank, you ask?  I’ve already been burned by two companies that didn’t pay like they were supposed to and either bounced checks or had insufficient funds.  In the last year.  But this just happened yesterday, so this company is my dummy of the week.

Look, if you want to start a company, it’s very simple – you look at the number of employees you have to pay, you look at your accounts recievables, and you make decisions.  You don’t screw the people that could easily do the underhanded work to ruin your contract with a well known and respected establishment.  People wonder why Fight Club is my favorite movie and it isn’t the fighting.  It’s the rebellion against morons like these that think that somehow the acronym for employee is slave.  This company had the audacity to ask me to come in to work more hours right after finding out that the check they gave me wasn’t worth the rubber stamped signature that resided on the bullshit check.  I’d rather they told me to wait till a certain day to cash the check instead of making me use my gas to go to their bank just to be rebuffed.  There are plenty of reasons we get angry at the companies that we work for, but the only reason – THE ONLY REASON we work for them is because they pay us.  As much as you might love your job, let them tell you they are going to need you to work for free for the next year and see how much you love it then.  So congrats to my wonderful part time company, this week (as well as many others), YOU AM DUMB.


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  1. “Messin with my Money is like playin with my Emotions!”

    I would have to get gansta on somebody!? You know Puerto Ricans like to stab people….
    I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin!

    Comment by C Los | October 30, 2009 | Reply

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