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Topic #5 – Turning Into The Farthest Lane

Let me start by saying that I am not a perfect driver.  I’m overly aggressive, I lane-dive, text while driving, have driven after drinking, wait till the last-minute to change lanes, etc.  I am definitely an offensive driver.  As much as I love cars, they are a tool to get me from one place to another as quickly as I can (without getting caught/running someone over/hitting another car.)  But see, those things I do can all be curtailed and done in a manner that doesn’t affect other people on the road if done properly.  There are some things I just don’t do however because no matter what, the odds are that I would get hit, but I see people do it all the time. 

You’re approaching an intersection in the right lane and you see a car at the intersection ready to turn right in front of you.  They’ve pretty much said, “screw your speed, I’m going”.  Fine – you smoothly go to edge your car over into the lane to your left, and what does this vehicular ignoramus do?  He/She/It pulls ALL the way out into the far left lane.  The lane you conveniently went to so as to ease their transition onto a street you were already happily rolling on.  You opened up a perfectly good lane for them to use and the greedy sumbitches want EVERY lane for their personal use.  Look gramps, you’re not driving a Packard or some other old clunker that has a turning radius the size of the western hemisphere.  You’re in a Hyundai Sonata.  Then they usually float right back over into the right lane.  So they essentially just used the wide turn as a buoy of some sorts.  I would love to stereotype this to a race, age or gender, but I’ve seen every mofo from a 16-year-old white twit on her cell phone to a 72-year-old black dude who looks like he’s perpetually going to church.  If you can’t turn right into the right lane, YOU AM DUMB.


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