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Dummy Of The Week

I’ve made personal vow to name a Dummy Of The Week and I’m going to name my first one right now:  It’s me!  I know, completely narcissistic and self-serving, but follow along with me for a minute.  I was all set to start this blog a week ago, when I could have named the balloon boy’s parents co-dummies of the week, which would have been a priceless way to start this blog, but I got lazy and didn’t start until today.  On top of that, I start the blog on a Friday, the same day I planned to use for my Dummy Of The Week post, but I can’t just start the blog with a Dummy Of The Week.  I had to have a 1st topic, so I’m giving my readers (or hopefully future readers) the false expectation of multiple daily posts.  Finding enough topics to fill 260 posts every year (5 days X 52 weeks – don’t be a dummy) isn’t hard, but having the discipline to keep it up might be.  Lastly, I’m the Dummy Of The Week for even starting this blog.  I have enough stuff I need to be focusing my time on, and I’ve already started 5 or 6 other blogs that have lasted anywhere from 1 post to 1 year of random rantings.  Now I’ve got one with a clear focus and that means 1 thing:  pressure.  So congrats to me, because while YOU AM DUMB, I IS TOO.  Have a good weekend everybody.


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  1. very funny bro

    Comment by brian | October 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. Monday wouldn’t be complete w/out mentioning Mr. Rohan.

    Comment by Darrin | October 26, 2009 | Reply

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